Every once in a while ya come across something on the internet that’s so ridiculous, that it belongs among LOLCats and Cartoon airplane porn. But it’s only on very special days that these brain-bleedingly stupid ideas involve nuclear weapons.

How do you take the worst oceanic environmental disaster in decades and clean it up cheaply, safely and quickly? Nuke it! The USSR cleaned up out-of control undersea drilling rigs with nuclear warheads all the time. And if the Soviets did it, how could it be anything but sustainable and ethical?

Perhaps what terrifies me most about this article, though, is that the author might be right about the conclusion – doing nothing, or doing something and failing, may be more damaging to the area’s ecology than a nuclear detonation. And that idea is truly scary.

Ask yourself what would happen to your insurance premiums if you caused a disaster that did more damage than a nuclear strike…. Whatever ya did, you probably wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) be allowed to try it again.