I really could go on forever about Universities. What I love about them, what I hate about them, and everything in between. Looking at it all on the whole, I could sum them up in two, somewhat contradictory veiws. The first is that Universities are brilliant, inspired places of learning that often tend to out-live countries (look at some of Italy’s schools). The second is that the whole thing, whatever its benefits, has largely become a big scam which gives work permits to anyone willing to get five figures into debt.

A year ago I was desperately trying to figure out how to get a bunch of people secretly taping lectures (like movie theatres) to provide a large pile of complete courses which could be shared (again, like movies). This would let people access the knowledge without committing themselves without having to submit to the costs and structure of school (most working people with families can handle at most one night class). When somebody isn’t trying to get themselves on a career track, the idea of going to full-time post-secondary school is virtual financial suicide. Hardly a good way to encourage “life long learning”.

But now, it appears, they’re doing it for us. Good on ’em. Now all we need is free public access acdemic papers, and universities might finally be able to distribute some of the knowledge they’ve been hoarding all these years.

University of California at Berkly’s youtube channel
Open Yale Courses.
Textbook Revolution.org