A World Without Water (Google Video) is a tale of local and global water shortages and how they’re affecting our world. Looking at areas like water privatization in Detriot, Cochababmba, Brazil and Dar es Salam in Tanzania and seeing the deadly trends of overbilling, mass cutoffs (over 40 000 in one year in Detroit) and connection fees which cost more than half a year’s wages. It also explores the wars over water (which are already taking place) and the role of large bottling companies like Coca Cola in draining areas of their groundwater for miles around their factories.

We’re so terrified at the moment that we might run out of oil, we’re forgetting that water is every bit essential for biological systems (like us, and our food supply) as oil is for mechanical ones. And much like oil, coal or uranium – there’s more water out there than we could ever use “out there” (as ice or saltwater), but most of it may never be available at an affordable price (ie: costing less to produce than it’s worth, especially with rising energy prices).