Winona Laduke is a long time writer, activist and academic on issues of environmental and indigenous rights in America. She’s run for vice President with Nader. Her views are a fair bit off the usual spectrum of “acceptable discussion” in America. In her talk, she speaks about the need for a new, green economy to not just use renewable energy for national energy independance, but for local, community level energy and food security with renewable power. Telling the story of installing wind turbines on her own dirt-poor Anishnabe reservation, she makes a very compelling case for us to stop buying power from toxic and repressive national power grids. As she notes, 70% of the world’s Uranium is under Native land in nations like America, Canada and Australia, as is much of the disposal. She touches on seed saving and traditional crops, as well as the evils of Monsanto. And most importantly, she makes re-localization of every kind a priority of green economics, something more people need to take into account.

Talk – Missouri State University