Here’s an amazing essay from Niki Thorne about the basics of anarchism in light of the recent demonization of anarchists in Toronto. It goes into the history, philosophy and current day research, as is her speciality (see her blog for more info on her academic work).

Attempts are being made to reduce and delegitimize anarchist ideas and actions to unthinking, criminal vandalism and unaccountability. On the contrary, anarchism is all about accountability: accountability to other living beings and the systems that sustain us. It’s about criticizing and challenging those people and institutions who ignore these responsibilities for profit and power. Anarchism is not something to blindly fear. Rather, anarchism involves a multiplicity of ideas and strategies to strive to eliminate all forms of oppression and create greater autonomy and healthy communities, within our responsibilities to other living beings and the systems that sustain us all.

No matter how many third rate reporters like to try to sum anarchy up in a sentence, or even a word (“chaos”), it will never be that simple. It’s their job to write nasty things about anarchists – they work for the corporate media. It’s our job to prove them wrong.