Free Range Kids

Saw this posted on Raisethehammer earlier, and I love it. Children have long been far too much of a fashion accessory, but nowadays it’s almost like they’re a Mercedes SUV or a$500 000 replica Lance Armstrong racing bike. – Whether it’s a bike, a jeep, or a kid, if you can’t take it (or them) out in the mud, what’s the point?

Fear-mongering journalists and paranoid parents have created a culture of fear around children which is crippling their development. We can spend all the time we want locking our kids indoors, driving them around or spying on the, but none of that’s really going to help them. Obesity and car accidents are much more likely to kill them than some scary guy in a trench coat. And abductions, sexual assaults and murders are almost always perpetrated by close friends or family members – if you’re going to watch someone closely, how about them?