Cory Doctorow is a science fiction author and activist. His books, including Makers, Eastern Standard Tribe and Little Brother, have exploded in popularity since he released them free online. They discuss topics of corporations, culture and technology in the not-too-distant future, and present pictures of what strange and creative alternatives could exist to our current technocratic society.

His activism grows from his cutting-edge internet presence. He has become a crusader against corporate coups like copyright law, Digital Rights Management(DRM) and anti-piracy initiatives. He is fiercely critical of software, hardware, and communications companies who build devices geared to the desires of corporations rather than customers. DRM, as he states, provides an entire 3-5 minute lag between releases coming out on iTunes and reaching the pirate world. And allowing music companies to “own” music and sue those who don’t (which now might mean simply loading it onto your iPod) simply means that 80% of that “owned” music which isn’t sold is not available at all. – Cory’s website.
Corey Doctorow on the Future (Google Video – 19 min)
Corey’s thoughts on copyright law (Youtube – 47:40)
Corey on “Makers” and the dot-com bust (Youtube – 57 min)