I often write about the benefits of fermented foods, but it’s hard to get the whole story across. There are far too many health food crazes out there which make horrendous health claims and wild accusations at the “establishment” for repressing them. As someone who’s into health food, it drives me around the bend.

Fermented foods, though, are one of the cases where it’s true. For at least 12 000 years, people have been using naturally occurring bacteria to preserve our food, but we’re only now learning how beneficial they really are. Unfortunately, it doesn’t scale up very well, and Pasteurization tends to kill off all the beneficial bugs in the name of “safety” and shelf life.

People don’t trust wild claims from the health-food crowd for a lot of good reasons. It’s important to get the views of a lot of different perspectives, and while I don’t think we should always trust the scientific establishment (they’re wrong just as often as anyone else), it’s important to get their view.

So here’s a half-hour video from Google Tech Talks about the scientific aspects of fermented foods. Plus, it comes with a bunch of recipes.