It’s hard not to love wikileaks. Ever since the internet began, powerful interests have been cracking down on employees who all this communications equipment to spread their dirty secrets. Lawsuits, charges and the like are their favourite weapons. And it seems to be working fairly well at keeping department store employees quiet about which products always come back to the returns desk.

Unfortunately, it doesn”t seem to be working so well for larger issues. I’ve been a fan of Wikileaks for a while now. But recently, when they published over 90 thousand secret documents about the Afghan War, they crossed a very serious line. One day, they were at the mercy of major worldwide government institutions. Now, those tables have turned.

Will the American government and others (perhaps the Australians) go after wikileaks for this? Probably. But it will quickly be overshadowed by their own trials. It turns out there’s been a few more massacres than they’d been letting on.

Here’s an excellent piece by John Pilger which I feel sums it up nicely.

If only these guys had been around during Vietnam.