Crimethinc has been a pretty loud voice in anarchism over the last decade, and certainly a controversial one. As they admit, a lot of their early work was pretty self-consciously aimed at inciting middle-class rebellion. And it worked – but as us kids grew up, our scope broadened up a lot beyond suburban teenage rebellion.

21st century conditions require 21st century revolutionaries. Not 1990s, not 1960s, and certainly not 1890s. We can learn a lot from those eras, but the world has changed and we’re faced with both new possibilities and terrifying new threats. George Orwell’s prediction of a dark, depressing and totalitarian world was perhaps 20 years off the mark. Today, we’re closer to a society of total surveillance and constant global war than ever before.

Or am I the only one with a little camera on the top of their telescreen? Right where ole’ George said it would be?

Crimethinc’s latest release is long, and it’s a lot to take in, but it’s nice to see that somebody is trying to re-assess revolutionary tactics in this new age of social networking and wiki-everything. It also raises some important questions about how power is adapting and changing to meet the needs of this new era.

Fighting in the New Terrain – What’s changed since the 20th century