Overdose – The Next Financial Crisis
Official trailer(Youtube)

I’ve written recently that our economy is headed for trouble. And since then, I’ve heard from a few sources inside the financial industry that things aren’t going well, to the point where accountants are starting to advise people to “get out now”.

Well, the Australian Broadcasting corporation took it a step further and did a documentary. And while there’s plenty of doom and gloom, it’s all very well laid out and avoids making hysterical predictions. Not the most radical, but sends a very important message Everyone, up to and including the Cato Institute loves it. The movie mostly takes on the issue of debt, and how it’s mounting on all scales, and mainly focuses on the bailout. Definitely worth a watch if you can get your hands on it.

George W Bush racked up enough debt to pay for both world wars, the Korean War, Vietnam war, Marshall Plan, New Deal and Moon Landing. He nearly created more debt than every president before him. And now Obama is well on his way to doing just that – creating more debt than every single president before him including George W.

We cannot spend our way out of debt with borrowed money. And trying to do so will only make things worse. It’s like staying up all night doing coke, then spending your whole day at work in the bathroom doing lines to stay awake – at some point, ya just crash. And the only way to escape, is to stop, however unpleasant that may be. The link between “high” finance and high-powered stimulants is more than a metaphor – coke is extremely popular in these circles.