The good folks at the Centre for a Stateless Society (C4SS) have posted on youtube their first University-level course in anarchism. It has a pile of lectures, and a “textbook”. I’m now on the fourth, and very impressed – the logic is thorough, well-sourced and covers a wide range of subjects. Like everything the C4SS puts out, it’s very slanted toward free markets, but not in the “anarcho-capitalist” sense (who virtually everyone from anarcho-communists to insurrectionary primitivists agree aren’t really anarchists). They are what’s known as mutualists or market-socialists, who praise the value of free exchange while still being deeply critical of private property and capital. It’s a bias they state at the beginning though, and there’s a lot that all anarchists can agree on (as they state, it’s a class about general anarchism, not just Mutualism). I won’t lie – it’s very complicated – at least as much as texts from the 1800s by Proudhon or Bakunin. But if you’re up for it, these lectures are definitely worth watching.

If you want to go further, they’re offering a whole bunch of them on their site for low fees.