Did you know that Fidel Castro maintans a blog? I didn’t either.

It’s not terribly well known-about, and the presentation isn’t anything fancy, but it certainly says something interesting about the times we live in. Fidel Castro, one of the men who brought the world to the brink of destruction in the Cuban Missile Crisis (which he now regrets), is now blogging about the dangers of nuclear war.

I don’t “support” Castro. I don’t support any heads of state. There are far too many apologists on the left willing to make the same lame excuses our own government does. I’d take Cuba in a second over Soviet Russia or any of Communist China’s incarnations, though, as well as most of its capitalist neighbours (like Guatamala, Columbia, Haiti etc). Cuba’s infant mortality rate (around 7/1000) is around that of America and Canada (unlike most of its neighbors), yet less than half of the rate for black people in Washington, DC (16.1/1000). Moreover, it’s always been clear that whatever else Castro is, he’s damned intelligent. Dumb luck can get you out of a few CIA-sponsored assassination attempts, but not 638 of them.

Most importantly, it’s some of the best written blogging I’ve seen across the net. He touches on a lot of important issues, like France’s deportation of gypsies and Middle-East politics. Whether it’s actually Castro or not (or how much help he had with the 8 languages each one is posted in) is anyone’s guess, but how many of the other figures out of our history books still post almost daily on the web?