Bamboo is a truly amazing plant. It’s not really a tree, it’s a grass, and yet it can outgrow most young trees in a week or two. Varieties of bamboo grow almost everywhere, and many of them are nearly as strong as steel. And that means, of course, that we can build bikes with it.

Calfree Bamboo Bike

And don’t get me wrong, while I love a good steel, aluminium or carbon bike, I know what goes into making them. Living near steel plants is no tea party, as we Hamiltonians know all too well. Bamboo, on the other hand, could grow in your front yard and furnish your family with years worth of bikes in a single season. The butting, done with glued/resined wraps of natural fibers like hemp and yucca (this ride is truly dope), is both natural and strong. And from every indication, these things hold up fairly well under regular use.

The bamboo bike has grown far beyond the ‘curiosity’ stage in the last few years. The instructions are now simple, concise, and abundant on instructables. This is now something you can do in your garage. And that brings both bike-building and and garage tinkering in general to a new level.