What are you entitled to when you make an ass of yourself on video in front of the entire internet? Laughter, unless you’re a cop.

In that case, if you act in an abusive, illegal and threatening manner, get taped and become an internet sensation, you can sue for $1.2 million. Officer “bubbles” – Cost. Adam Josephs, is suing both Youtube and over twenty users who posted comments, for a cartoon video which mocked him and portrayed him arresting Santa Clause. This video and the comments were in response to a video of him at the G20 protests in Toronto bullying protersters. He claims “ridicule and threats” have resulted. Officer “bubbles”, it seems, has been under a rock for the last decade and was unaware that people say unkind things online. And while many Youtube internet sensations (like the “Star Wars Fat Kid”) may have been put through far more than they deserve, it’s hard to feel sorry for someone who lost his temper so severely over bubbles at a peaceful protest.

Quite frankly, Josephs is lucky he didn’t end up in the hospital, and so are many of his colleagues. During these protest they threatened, attacked, forcibly confined and sexually assaulted well over a thousand people, and yet none of them is facing any kind of charges or likely consequences. No government inquiry, no criminal charges, not even the kind of physical resistance you’d see in Paris or Athens. Just youtube mockery. And it still, apparently, warrants a million dollar lawsuit. This is what “the law” means in the real world – not rules, morals or standards of conduct, but whatever those in power want it to. We can still be assaulted and arrested for acting completely within the law (as those hit by the cavalry charge within the “designated protest zone” learned), while politicians and cops can break it with impunity, blatantly, on camera, in front of the nation.

What angers me most about the police is not the abuse, the violence, the lack of consequences or the massive spending of public money, it’s the smug sense of moral superiority. The condescending attitude, the threats, the bullyilng and the inability to handle even the smallest “slight” without getting angry, threatening or violent. Thankfully, there’s always one rumor to these kinds of insane threats – frequent, thorough, and relentless public mockery. And now that this lawsuit is making headlines, I suspect much more of it is on the way.