Ten Things You Can Do To Incite Anarchy in 2011

1.Collect and share data. Online and off – zines, books, speeches, movies, music – there’s terabytes of this stuff out there, and these days every laptop, printer and CD burner has the potential to be its own infoshop. When people express interest, have things you can give them that they’ll enjoy and learn from.

2.Garden. After the zombie apocalypse, you’re going to be really glad you learned to grow lettuce and tomatoes well before your life depended on it. Gardens are beautiful, productive, and set a great example of self-sufficiency, sustainability and nutrition.

3.Learn about local plants. Chances are there are the makings of dozens of salads, batches of wine, jams and jellies, flours, beers and countless herbs growing within a few blocks of your home in even the most industrial parts of Hamilton. Within a few blocks of mine there’s grapes, hops, acorns, greens, chicory, mint and many others. A very good chunk of what grows up through the cracks in the sidewalk (lamsbsquarter, for instance) is more nutritious than spinich, and grows nearly anywhere.

4.Start a blog. It’s free, easy, and they’re read by a disturbing number of people.

5.Carry a camera. The argument about the dangerous nature of surveilance culture, unfortunately, is one we lost. But in its wake comes one of the most potent weapons against authority ever devised: Youtube. Catch cops, security guards, irate business owners and other authorities in the middle of their abusive acts and publish them for the world to see. This type of evidence can be invaluable if you end up in court (or the Landlord Tenant Board) and a good picture always makes a point at least as well as words.

6.Support a political prisoner. Send letters to people in jail, donate money to legal defense and show up for court dates. Being on the receiving end of judicial repression is a horrific experience and people need to know we’re with them.

7.Join a co-op, a CSA or any other kind of collective organization. None are without flaws, but all can teach us a lot.

8.Learn a new skill. Find some way to become more autonomous, valuable and versatile – learn to preserve food, brew beer, woodwork, sew, fix plumbing, edit photographs or do a backflip.

9.Go off the grid, or at least get closer to it. Any and all steps you take to get away from industries like coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear will do worlds to help not only you, but the world around you. The sooner we all do it, the sooner we can stop getting those annoying bills in the mail.

10.Talk To People. Explain that anarchism isn’t and never has been about chaos, and that anarchists do a lot more than smash windows. Connect the dots between subjects like globalization and local issues like factory closures. And do it calmly and in an accessible way. No form of communication is more effective than word of mouth from people you trust, so don’t discount the value of a good conversation.