Greece, spain, France and Britain? Sure. Tunisia and Egypt? Of course. Bahrain, Libya, Iran, Iraq and Yemen? People are taking to the streets in the largest numbers seen in decades, and have begun overthrowing presidents. But could that happen in North America? In somewhere humble and homey, like, say, Wisconsin?

For a week solid, tens of thousands of protesters have occupied the streets of the state capital, Madison, as well as the seats of the capital buildings.. Saturday reportedly saw over 50 000 marching. The protesters are objecting to new legislation being pushed through which would cripple collective bargaining rights for public employees. Students and workers have joined hands with even the police to blanket the city with a peaceful and festive occupation. Though republicans enjoy both a state and senate majority, they require democrats to come to quorum in order to pass this law – something which now seems doubtful as the entire democratic side has fled the state in protest.

Other states, too, are joining in. protesters are rising in solidarity now in Minnesota and Ohio. With anti-union legislation coming up accross the country, this is likely to be the first of many.

The next day or so will say a lot. WIll teachers heed the call of union leaders to return to work in the morning? Will the democrats return to debate the bill before Tuesday’s deadline? And would the governor really be willing to call out the national guard?

And if this could happen in Wisconsin, where else could this kind of rage and resentment be ready to burst from the seams?