Protests continued in Wisconsin today, continuing to captivate a nation and beyond. In most recent news, Gov. Walker was caught unaware by a prank phone call from a blogger pretending to be notorious billionaire David Koch, who’s recently become a focus of in the controversy. In the call, Walker explains his extensive anti-union plans and compares himself to Ronald Reagan. Protests in Ohio have ramped up with thousands turning out to oppose their own anti-union bill, causing their own government to rethink the clauses which would outlaw collective bargaining. And Egyptian protesters have turned out made a statement of solidarity with Wisconsin workers.

Mideastern and African protests have also continued, with Libya taking centre stage. As many as a thousand people may now have been killed in a civil war for control of the country. Many cities have now declared independence from the Gaddafi and rebels quickly moving toward the capital, fighting aerial bombings and foreign mercenaries

Greece has once again been gripped by massive street protests and a nationwide general strike. This is the ninth such general strike to protest unpopular austerity measures.

These are but a few more snippets of the hundreds of thousands of people who took to the streets around the world today, in a movement which shows no signs of slowing. As we all sit captivated, around the world, watching one city after another stand up to its tyrants, we can only wait and wonder what would happen if we got that text message?

Viva les revolutions.