A bloc of Middle-Eastern nations have put forward a motion at the UN Security council today hoping to see coalition military action support popular uprisings in the American Midwest. Now supported as well by Russia, China and Venezuela, proposals include an embargo, a no-fly zone and air-strikes on the forces of President Obama’s federal government.

This call has come after more than a month of massive street protests in Wisconsin which have now expanded to many neighbouring states, including a massive rally last weekend in Los Angeles. Rebel groups have so far objected to intervention, fearing that it may end in an occupation, but many now seem to be warming to the idea of backup from fighter jets.

Coalition forces are deeply divided over the issue of whether to provide arms to the American rebels. Russia in particular seemed eager to “turn the tide” of popular opposition with donations of shoulder-mounted rocket launchers and anti-tank missiles. Coalition forces have so far ruled out the nuclear option. If this motion passes the UN Security Council, such weapons could be shipped to the AFL-CIO and Sierra Club USA by the end of the week.

America has become infamous in the past decade for rigged elections, military aggression and a multi-trillion dollar give-away of public funds to the nation’s financial elite. The current President, Obama, was elected on a platform promising wide-ranging changes. He has vowed to “die in office” before turning power over to opposition groups.

Happy April Fools everybody. But seriously, think about this stuff. What if it were your family and friends under the bombs?