Two American firms just announced that they’re close to completing another contract with Saudi Arabia. The $330 million deal will deliver night vision goggles, thermal gun sights and aiming lasers. This deal is considered a “nice bonus” to last years $67 billion in arms contracts with Saudi Arabia.

These deals highlight just how much money western military contractors are making off repressive governments in the Middle East and elsewhere. The uprisings in Tunisia and Libya have been deeply embarrassing to European governments who’d sold them many arms in recent years. With Syria now, like LIbya, turning its weapons on its own people, it’s becoming harder to pretend we don’t know what the intended use of these weapons is.

One might think that with democratic revolutions sweeping the region, Osama dead and the cold war now two decades behind us, that the arms industry would start to tone things down a little. But as recent interventions in Libya, the Ivory Coast, Pakistan and other nations have demonstrated, it’s still as hot as ever. Global military spending is projected to hit $1.1 trillion over the next year. Aircraft Carriers are being built right now at a rate not seen since the Second World War.

Before we rally to the cry of NATO and other warmongers, that these horrific injustices demand “action” in the form of sanctions, bombings and other attacks, how about first asking where these weapons are coming from?