The Revolution has crossed the Mediterranean.

Thousands of Spanish protesters have been holding public squares across the country. The protests arose from the tensions of last Sunday’s election, but are now vowing to continue. The elections saw the governing “Socialist” party tossed in favour of the conservative “Popular” Party after imposing massively unpopular austerity measures. The demonstrators are rejecting elections and instead calling for a mass-movement and popular decision making. It’s being called by many the “Spanish Revolution”, and it’s going viral.

France and Italy are now seeing callouts as well.

These demonstrations are following the now-famous model being followed in North Africa and the Middle East. By coordinating with social networking technologies and forming leaderless coalitions, they’re taking main public squares and refusing to give them up. As usual, many commentators are writing them off as “apolitical” or ignorant due to their rejection of conventional politics – but the fact that these movements have been so widespread and popular shows that they’re far more than that. Massive-scale, leaderless, participatory and popular politics are starting to really catch 0n.

These inspiring words come from the Barcelona encampment.

We want to share with as much people as possible, these unforgettable moments that we are living in #spanishrevolution and want to make this protest even more global.

With this mail we want to animate others to sum more camps outside Barcelona organized by you. We propose not to focus the manifestations in reclamations in front of the Spanish embassies in your countries, the Spanish press practically does not cover those actions. Our proposal is that you make your own fight, to take the central places from your cities following the model of organization of the Arab revolutions (and Spaniards), connecting with the groups and local organizations of fight and to begin to encamp, to work in commissions and to write up your own documents (manifest, calls, proposals, minutes of meetings, etc). To do this public, spread it, use the networks to expand your message and to self-manage.

What it is happening in the different Spanish cities is not accidental nor specific of our society, we fought to recover the dignity, the freedom and social justice, the direct democracy, to participate in the course of our lives. We are a network, we are spontaneous, independent, we did not need leaders for that reason we want that in each place you take the place, you think by your self and with others, the alternatives to that mercantilist and cruel world to which our governments are taking to the planet and all of us.