Anonymous, the global hacktivist collective, has declared war on the city of Orlando Florida, for arresting members of Food Not Bombs. They are pledging to continue until the arrests stop.

For quite some time now, there’s been an ongoing dispute between Food Not Bombs and the City of Orlando. FnB, as usual, has been distributing free food to homeless people in a park, and city officials keep having them arrested. It’s not all that unusual a situation – since the beginning of the anti-war soup kitchen movement in the 1980s, it’s possibly racked up more arrests than any other group of anarchists you can name. The dispute in Orlando has been particularly heated in the last year, to the point where FnB co-founder Keith McHenry joined the hordes of arrestees.

Anonymous recaptured world headlines after taking on former members of Lulzsec, which ended its fifty-day rampage around the internet by dissolving the group last weekend. Since then Anonymous has released even more hacked data from the Arizona police, as putting a scare into Australian banks. The two organizations have been involved in a wide range of attacks on corporate and government networks worldwide in the last year, most recently known as Operation Antisec, and despite a number of high-profile arrests, they seem to be getting bolder.

The group acknowledged that their actions might put Arizona officers at risk, but did not seem to care. “We are making sure they experience just a taste of the same kind of violence and terror they dish out on an every day basis,” Anonymous said. “Our advice to you is to quit while you still can and turn on your commanding officers before you end up in our cross hairs next, because we’re not stopping until every prisoner is freed and every prison is burned to the ground.”
– PC Magazine