A new communique has been issued by the hacker group Anonymous, joining those planning for an occupation of Wall Street in New York this September. Their calls echo others in recent months, planning for a Tahrir-Square-style occupation of the world’s most important financial district.

Information, so far, is slim, and it’s hard to tell whether the popular support for such an action is really – many of Anonymous’ real-life rallies so far have been lightly attended. Still, many have been wondering if the mass-movements of Europe, Africa and the Middle East might spread to America – this may be the test. The “Day of Rage”, September 17th, is planned to coincide with similar nonviolent occupations across America and abroad. San Francisco (#OCCUPYFDSF), Madrid (#TOMALABOLSA) and even Toronto (#OCCUPYBAYSTREET) are on the list, as are many others. Can this, too make the jump from Twitter, Facebook and other online venues to a real-life protest? In less than a month, we’ll know.

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