Ikea Gets a Regime Change
Recently, I wrote about connections between Ikea’s founder and the Sweedish Nazis during the Second World War. Just so that nobody has the illusion that there’s a nefarious ultra-right-wing conspiracy behind the company, I’ll provide another tidbit: It’s recently been revealed that Ikea used prison labour in the former East Germany during the Cold War. In fact, the new revalation show “strong links with the Communist state” and the use of political prisoners arrested by the Stasi. This might suggest that there’s a certain “fanboy” attitude toward totalitarian German regimes, but more likely it’s just another blatant example of how amoral and unprincipled their motives really are.

Berlusconi Doesn’t Give a Fuck
Today the nation of Italy celebrates another general strike against their legendarily corrupt government and it’s brutal austerity plans. Things have gotten so bad that one small village near Rome has declared independence. How does Silvio Burlusconi, their infamous President feel about them? A tape emerged from his recent blackmail scandal puts it prettly bluntly:

“I couldn’t give a f***. In a few months I’m going to go away and mind my own f****** business. I’m leaving this s*** country that makes me feel like puking.”

How the ATF is Ridding America of Guns…
First we found out that Mexco’s most notorious drug cartel, Los Zetas, were originally soldiers trained by the US government. Then we learned about the “Fast and Furious” operation which allowed smugglers to bring thousands of guns into Mexico, destined for warring drug cartels, with the full knowledge of the American Government. Another case has now come to light of a man arrested by ATF agents in Arizona for manufacturing and modifying “military style” weapons and shipping them to the cartels, against whom all charges were dropped. Jean Baptiste Kingery confessed to converting semi-automatic rifles into fully automatic versions and grenades into IEDs. Supposedly federal agents hoped to make him a source, but he disappeared weeks after his release.