After two years and two hundred posts (this is 201, for the record), I feel it’s time for a new look, title and fresh feel for this blog. It wasn’t an easy choice, but the world is changing, and with it, so are the ways we express ourselves online (or is it the other way ’round?). These times call for a more personal approach. For a long time, this was not safe – and a lot of good people, some friends of mine, are still facing charges for the provincial roundup of known anarchists known as the G20. In the year since, though, and despite countless and continuing examples of murderous repression, this revolutionary spirit has only strengthened. The time for hiding in shadows and critiquing from afar is over – this is the day and age of instant and unabashed community organizing. In the past few months I’ve been involved in too many local groups for ‘secret identity’ to remain a mystery, and it’s become more of a namesake for the many online friends I now know in real life. Though the word “anarchist” is gone from the title, the anarchist focus will never leave this blog. I chose to go with a simpler and somewhat more descriptive title which might do a little less to inflame sectarian tensions. The themes of technology, politics and economics will remain, as will the local focus. Hamilton’s crippling poverty and post-industrial landscape require coherent body of ideas to tackle our problems – if there’s an inspiration for my title or the writings, it’s always been those two looming issues.

In the coming months, I hope to offer a lot more. Not only do I have a book on the way (yes, for those who know me, that second draft is taking forever…), but there’s a couple shorter pieces as well, about politics and the economy. As always, look for guest contributions elsewhere on the web (such as Raise the Hammer, Town Halls Hamilton or others).

As for the Hamilton Anarchist Research and Development Corps – we’re all, likewise, buried in orders and personal projects in our workshops. The productive talents of Hamilton’s anarchists are growing by the day, with many who’ve put dreams into practice in mediums from metal to gardens. HARDCorps will return – wherever appropriate technologies are needed, or conventional technologies aren’t – but for now, we’re all too busy actually doing this stuff, which, I suppose, is heartening.

When we all started writing this stuff, so many years ago, it seemed like a pipe dream. Then it came true – the oil shocks, the economic collapse, the massive worldwide popular unrest. What began as a trickle of daily news about protests and economic rumours has snowballed into a cascade of news, growing stronger by the day. All I can do is keep hammering away at this old keyboard, on this ancient laptop (thank you linux!) and hope my humble writings help people make sense of it all.

Peace, love and anarchy,
Undustrial out.