Today’s weekly Occupy Hamilton events went a little differently than normal. Meeting at City Hall instead of Gore Park, and marching through the streets of downtown, we assembled in front of Stelco Tower, which houses Hamilton’s main branches of TD and Royal Bank. After a few short announcements, the crowd decided to move in side and around fifty people entered the lobby. The TD bank was immediately closed (RBC is always closed Saturdays) and security guards began to grab people, but soon stopped as the crowd continued to grow. The lobby was filled for just under half an hour as people gave speeches in front of the onlooking cops, security guards and mall patrons. Other than the security guards, everything was entirely peaceful, and soon the demonstration again moved outside and then proceeded to “Demolition Park” on King William for a General Assembly. It was the most lively action yet for Steeltown’s burgeoning Occupy movement, promising much more to come.
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Disclaimer: Undustrial speaks for himself, not Occupy Hamilton.