Early yesterday afternoon around thirty students walked out of class at Westmount High School, in an act of solidarity with student strikers in Quebec. This marks the third straight day of local actions supporting the now infamous movement, and a very impressive showing for Steeltown.

This past Wednesday night is now being referred to as “Cassarole Night in Canada”. Along with Hamilton, large crowds took to the streets with pots and pans in Kitchener, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and others. More actions are planned for next week, with many heading to Toronto next Tuesday night for a march between schools.

In Quebec itself, talks broke down again, prompting at least ten thousand at the 38th consecutive nightly Cassarole march in Montreal. As has now become ritual, the march was declared illegal by police, but continued undeterred, with only a handul of arrests in Montreal and Quebec. Today we can expect further talks as well as more from the court challenge of Bill 78.