IMG_6639A few months ago I posted Chasseurs de Skins, a French documentary which followed the adventures of “Antifa” street-fighters in the 80s and 90s as they took the fight to emerging neo-fascist street gangs, a story which would repeat itself in countless nations (including ours) before the bonehead scourge was driven out of countless cities (including ours;). I had hoped that I could leave it there. Sadly, today Nazism is enjoying something of a resurgence, even here, and that’s something everybody needs to be aware of.

The beating death of 19-year-old activist Clement Meric in France last week at the hands of Neo-Nazi skinheads underscores this threat. Coupled with renewed protests by the EDL in Britain, recent homophobic violence in Russia and the frightening growth of the Golden Dawn in Greece, it makes for a frightening trend. Locally, we’re again seeing their symbols on our streets (see photo) and an upcoming bonehead show in Burlington later this month.

Since local expressions of white supremacy lately have tended to be somewhat coded (“14/88”, Norse runes, “apolitical” hate-rock bands etc) there have been a lot of arguments about “free speech” and the like. ARA/Antifa are often accused of being “macho”, violent and repressive in their own right, but it’s important to remember that this isn’t just a clash of ideas and fashion sense. Fetishizing hooliganistic violence may not set much of an example for the children, but when we’re faced with hooligans who fetishize genocidal violence, it sometimes becomes a necessity. When some of us say “never again”, we mean it.

Tonight’s flick comes to us from the BBC, proving once again that they’ll make a documentary about anything (sorry for the poor quality). Also, it’s narrated by the lead singer of the Angelic Upstarts!

This post is dedicated to all the brave punks, skinheads and others on the front lines of what has been described to me as a “war” in Hochelaga right now. Bet you didn’t know this was happening in one of Canada’s biggest cities…