(6:56am)Early this morning a convoy of  activists from across Southern Ontario (as far as Kingston and Kitchener) converged on the sleepy town of Westover and appeared at the gates of the Enbridge pumping station. Catching workers as they changed shifts, we handed out flyers. With a message of “enjoy your day off” (and a promise to make sure they get paid), they packed up with a smile. Few remain, at this point, and we have yet to see any police.

This action, nicknamed #swampline9, was taken in response to the pending reversal of Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline, part of the proposed network bringing Tar Sands oil to the coasts.

Protesters now control the site, at least for the moment, and are beginning to set up tents. The intention is to stay as long as possible, and others are eagerly encouraged to show up to stay or support.

Much more news on the way when I can get to a real computer. In the meantime, check out swampline9.tumblr.com or follow #swampline9 on twitter.

(Update 10:30am) Police have arrived at the site, but so far have made no move toward protesters. Most workers have now left the area, though there’s still a few doing “safety checks”. Adam Carter from CBC Hamilton is now also on the scene and tweeting live updates.

(Update 4:30m) Things are mostly quiet at the site, the police visit has been largely uneventful and workers are now completely off the site excepting the occasional “sweep” to check on their equipment (so far none has been touched). Representatives of Six Nations have arrived and made statements to the media, underscoring the contested title to area lands. Tomorrow morning, supporters have called for a rally in the park across the street from the pumping station’s front gates – if you’d like to visit but don’t want to risk stepping off public property, this is a great opportunity. For those who do want to visit or join the blockade itself, newcomers are more than welcome, especially this evening and overnight tonight.