At 8:15 this morning, the Westover blockade was served an injunction (court order) by Enbridge. They’ve been given two hours to clear the site or face arrest. Some have begun to pack up and leave, staging a rally across the road on public property, others opting to lock themselves to the gates of the pumping station. I’ll post updates through the day as they become available.

This comes on a day with solidarity demonstrations are planned in at least twelve communities across Canada. For those in Hamilton, plans are to meet up at Gore Park @ 3pm.

Update: 11:45am Things are still quiet at the site, in spite of the injunction there has been no move yet to evict protesters and only one police cruiser in view. Most are still on public lands across the street, while a few remain locked to the hated of the pumping station. A small press conference is scheduled for noon at the gates, and any supporters who can make it are strongly urged to come support for whatever time is left.

Update: 1:45pm Still going. A statement was read to the press, though some weren’t able to make it due to nearby police roadblocks. Most of the camp is now reportedly on site in defiance of the injunction, with four people locked down underneath a massive barricade built from skids and cable spools found around the site.

Update: 6:45pm Protesters remain on the site, vowing to “hold the space as long as we can” and rumors are now suggesting that Enbridge got their own address wrong on injunction papers, delaying any eviction until they can get them corrected. In Hamilton, a rally and small march up King street was held downtown to support the demonstrators, one of many across Canada. Others included Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver. Since the march and workday concluded, car-loads of supporters have been heading up to offer more support – at this point any presence is appreciated.

Update 10:15pm Things are quiet and spirits are high at the blockade, which, it appears, will last at least one more night. Car-loads of supporters are still arriving, and there’s been a call-out for food and water, if anybody reading this is still heading up.