Dear readers, I have something to confess: I’m not really an anarchist. For years now I’ve been operating undercover amongst political groups and social movements, one of many agents tasked with steering discussion away from more dangerous topics. As far as I can tell, many if not most of my “comrades” are similarly employed. I’m making this statement today, with the knowledge that it may put me at extreme personal risk, because I can no longer abide the lies and distortions I’ve become a part of.

“Activism”, as the Canadian public knows it, is a lie. Designed to introduce establishment ideas under the guise of radical opposition, it might be the most devious social engineering strategy mankind has ever known. Under names like “socialism”, “feminism” and “environmentalism”, they’ve used the people themselves to steer history in an ugly, authoritarian direction. In my time working for this organization, I’ve helped to limit people’s mobility, fertility and curtail their freedom of speech in every possible way. Worse yet, I got people to do it voluntarily.

Who do I work for? None of us really knows. The term ‘Illuminati” is thrown around a lot, though it’s hard to tell whether that’s an official name or just a tongue-in-cheek reference. Their ranks include names like Rothschild and Soros along with a whole host of bureaucrats and powerbrokers you’ve probably never heard of. This cabal, we’re told, played a crucial role in nearly ever major world event since the French Revolution. For obvious reasons, employees like me aren’t given many details, except a very stern warning that they are everywhere.

I don’t expect I’ll be around long, but I no longer care. They can disappear me, kill me, even scour every record of me from history, but at least I’ll go with a clean conscience. Words may come easily to me, but simply cannot express the guilt I’ve experienced using my talents in this way. Death by honesty will always be preferable to living a lie.

As a final act, though, if I’m able to post this before the inevitable knock at my door, I need to come clean and tell what I know of the truth. There’s a great many topics I’ve never been allowed to cover on this blog, topics which I’ve been paid quite handsomely not to cover – chemicals sprayed into our air and added to our water supply, the illusory nature of fiat currencies or the fraud that is global warming “science”. If you seek the truth, these would be a good place to start. For more, look into institutions like the United Nations and Federal Reserve, which I was repeatedly instructed to avoid criticizing at all costs. I realise this isn’t much, but it should at least get you started, if you’re willing to take that leap. Beyond that I can only tell you to be very careful, to trust nobody and always to read between the lines.

I doubt that this post will stay up for long, so copy, paste and share before it disappears like so many others.

So colossally sorry,