This website represents the thoughts, musings and observations of Undustrial, a rogue, pseudonymous wordsmith residing in Hamilton, Ontario. These posts cover a range of interconnected political, economic, social and urban topics, current events and critical perspectives. The views expressed are those of Undustrial alone, and represent no group, organization or institution.

This blog began in 2009 under the banner of HARDCORPS (the Hamilton Anarchist Research and Development Corps). Two years and 200 posts later, it had become a far more autonomous project. The focus on anarchism and technology has never shifted, but the changing realities of today’s digital world now demand a more personal approach.

“Undustrialism” is the ongoing compilation of these ideas – not an ideology but one person’s ongoing ideological wanderings. It is one vision of what a life could and should look like without domination, be that by people, systems or machines. It stands for a thorough, critical examination of the world around us, and as a frank discussion of ways forward.

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Questions, comments, criticism, corrections, rants, and even (tasteful) trolling are welcomed and encouraged. I’ll do my best to respond in good time, make any necessary corrections and even try to be polite. Open discussion and debate are what make the internet more fun and informative than many lecture halls and academic journals, so by all means, don’t be afraid to comment, even if you don’t agree. Especially if you don’t agree.

What’s not welcome? I’ve never had a problem with hate speech, bullying or persistent trolling but wouldn’t hesitate to delete and ban if I did. What I actually end up deleting, though, is virtually all off-topic spam from bots with bad English skills. Don’t come here to sell fake Rolexes, and don’t think I’m fooled by flattery – a cheap tactic used by bots to gain posting privileges for further spamming. Everyone already has those privileges, and posting something like “wow this is a very informative blog” is the fastest way to lose them.

Submissions and Collaboration
Keeping up this blog is a lot of work and consumes an inordinate amount of my time. Any help would be gladly appreciated, even if you’d just like to help with the news feed. I’ve you’ve got an article, essay or even an idea that fits with the themes of this blog, I’d love to give it a read. Likewise, if you’ve got your own blog/site and like what you see here, I’d love to write something for it if I can find the time. I already contribute to other sites and publications (Linchpin, Raise the Hammer, the old Mayday etc) and am always interested in helping with others.

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Copy Rights
Standard ‘copyleft’ rules apply. These articles are free and for public consumption. Feel free to repost or republish them, but please give credit and be honest about any editing you do. They are not, however, for commercial reproduction. If you have to charge a couple bucks for photocopying costs, go the fuck ahead, but if you’re actually making a serious profit off selling glossy magazines, then at least ask permission. I don’t make any money from this site, and never have for any of my printed/published work, and thus wouldn’t be too happy to learn somebody else was lining their pockets with it. Oh, and don’t copyright anything written here. Ever.

Also, while on the subject, I use a lot of images from across the web. If I’ve linked to an image on your site and you’d like it changed or at least a link back, again, get in touch.

Undustrial is not a real person, and “undustrialism” is not a real word. The views expressed are to be taken for entertainment purposes only. They should not be thought about, acted on or mentioned to your friends. Politics and economics are a messy business, best left to our wise and benevolent rulers. does not condone: revolution, squatting, rioting, guerilla guardening, anarchism, jaywalking, cycling, graffiti, revolution, piracy, non-violent civil disobedience or independent thought. That kind of nonsense can get you into trouble.