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After weeks of brutal political battling, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker passed his controversial bill ending collective-bargaining rights for public employees.

The state was rocked by student walkouts and increased protests today, including more occupations of the state capitol buildings. Large demonstrations are planned for tomorrow, and many are threatening a general strike. Meanwhile, national labour activism is exploding as other states, such as Indiana, are seeing massive demonstrations of their own.

Is the battle now over? Or is it only beginning? The only thing we can say for sure is that we’re watching American Labour History in the making.

Protests continued in Wisconsin today, continuing to captivate a nation and beyond. In most recent news, Gov. Walker was caught unaware by a prank phone call from a blogger pretending to be notorious billionaire David Koch, who’s recently become a focus of in the controversy. In the call, Walker explains his extensive anti-union plans and compares himself to Ronald Reagan. Protests in Ohio have ramped up with thousands turning out to oppose their own anti-union bill, causing their own government to rethink the clauses which would outlaw collective bargaining. And Egyptian protesters have turned out made a statement of solidarity with Wisconsin workers.

Mideastern and African protests have also continued, with Libya taking centre stage. As many as a thousand people may now have been killed in a civil war for control of the country. Many cities have now declared independence from the Gaddafi and rebels quickly moving toward the capital, fighting aerial bombings and foreign mercenaries

Greece has once again been gripped by massive street protests and a nationwide general strike. This is the ninth such general strike to protest unpopular austerity measures.

These are but a few more snippets of the hundreds of thousands of people who took to the streets around the world today, in a movement which shows no signs of slowing. As we all sit captivated, around the world, watching one city after another stand up to its tyrants, we can only wait and wonder what would happen if we got that text message?

Viva les revolutions.

FOr another two days, protests in Wisconsin have continued. It appears that despite attempts from union leadership to persuade teachers to return to work have failed, and schools across the state are again missing their teachers. These protests, it seems, will not be easy to “call off”. Governor Walker has refused to budge a well, and state Democrats, now supported by President Obama, have threatened to stay away for weeks. At noon Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine played on the steps of the occupied legislature.

Conservative conspiracy theorists at Fox News have been quick to blame this all on Obama and the DNC. Strange, seeing as he’s been far from kind to unions lately. Other pundits have claimed that the American public agrees with governor Walker after a Rasmussen poll found favourable votes. Quickly, though, it was learned that this poll was highly questionable.

If these protests and those like are coming as a surprise, then it is because of the frames of reference used are so skewed. Mainstream media sources have long done everything they can to avoid covering actual social movements for fear of “bias” or offending their established sources and advertisers. In their stead, they cover officially sanctioned parties like the democrats or media-savvy vocal minorities like the Tea party. These protests, like so many others, are growing straight from the grassroots, and that isn’t something that was supposed to be able to happen. The realities of tens of thousands of people marching in the streets is finally forcing us to confront the illusion that people are sheep, destined only to follow one leader or another. What we’re now seeing is that such leaders are far more important to stories about protests and revolutions than they are to those movements themselves.

Solidarity protests are now spreading throughout the US. Thousands are expected in Columbus Ohio this afternoon to continue their own fight with local anti-labour laws, and are gathering now.

Greece, spain, France and Britain? Sure. Tunisia and Egypt? Of course. Bahrain, Libya, Iran, Iraq and Yemen? People are taking to the streets in the largest numbers seen in decades, and have begun overthrowing presidents. But could that happen in North America? In somewhere humble and homey, like, say, Wisconsin?

For a week solid, tens of thousands of protesters have occupied the streets of the state capital, Madison, as well as the seats of the capital buildings.. Saturday reportedly saw over 50 000 marching. The protesters are objecting to new legislation being pushed through which would cripple collective bargaining rights for public employees. Students and workers have joined hands with even the police to blanket the city with a peaceful and festive occupation. Though republicans enjoy both a state and senate majority, they require democrats to come to quorum in order to pass this law – something which now seems doubtful as the entire democratic side has fled the state in protest.

Other states, too, are joining in. protesters are rising in solidarity now in Minnesota and Ohio. With anti-union legislation coming up accross the country, this is likely to be the first of many.

The next day or so will say a lot. WIll teachers heed the call of union leaders to return to work in the morning? Will the democrats return to debate the bill before Tuesday’s deadline? And would the governor really be willing to call out the national guard?

And if this could happen in Wisconsin, where else could this kind of rage and resentment be ready to burst from the seams?

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