Here they are, for your viewing pleasure – all the movies, lectures and videos posted on this blog in one easy-to browse list.

Airship Videos
Airships – Great Flying Machines of the Past and Future – Article LInk
The Airships (parts 1, 2, 3, and 4) – long but brilliant series about the history of big airships.
Here’s a guy who crossed the English Channel on a bike-powered blimp.
Floating Balloon Wind Generators – a brilliant new innovation in wind turbine technology.
British students build bicycle-airship for project – Youtube

Will Allen
Will Allen works with the tremendously successful urban agriculture organization Growing Power.
Youtube Link – Poptech conference – 24 mins

Banking with Hitler
A BBC documentary about ties between big banking institutions and Nazi Germany.
Google Video Link – 44 Minutes

Bioenergy Production from Microbial Fuel Cells
An in-depth lecture about the science of microbe-based energy production, and the possibilities for green energy production.
Powerkraut – Electricity From Microbes – Article LInk
Video Link – MIT Tech TV – 80 mins

Crapshoot: The Gamble With Our Wastes
An amazing NFB documentary about our sewage systems and the dangers and damages they produce.
Crapshoot! – Article Link
Video Link – NFB – 53 minutes

Corey Doctorow
Corey Doctorow is a writer and activist with passionate views about technology and copyright laws.
Corey Doctorow – Digital Rebel – Article Link – Cory’s website.
Corey Doctorow on the Future (Google Video – 19 min)
Corey’s thoughts on copyright law (Youtube – 47:40)
Corey on “Makers” and the dot-com bust (Youtube – 57 min)

The Currency Revolution
A look at local currencies from the mainstream business press.
LETS Get Free – Aricle Link
Video Link – Wall Street Journal Blogs – 21 Minutes

Five Ring Circus
Vancouver Olympics Documentary
Youtube Link (first of 8 parts)

How to be a wiFi Ninja
A talk about tips, tricks and technologies from the Defcon hacker convention.
Youtube Link – 45 minutes

Yaacov Iland
A discussion about Appropriate Technology and the third world, with a focus on the One Laptop Per Child program.
How Appropriate is One Laptop Per Child – Article Link
Google Video Link – 88 minutes

Introduction to Anarchism – online course.
Link – Youtube Channel for the Centre for Stateless Society

Winona LaDuke
Winona Laduke is a famous activist, academic and political candidate (green) on subjects such as native rights and the environment.
An Interesting Talk from Winona LaDuke – Article Link
Building a Green Economy – Youtube – 77 minutes

Live Cultured Fermentation
A discussion on the science, methods, and potential of live-fermented foods like sauerkraut.
The science of Sauerkraut. – Article Link
Youtube Link – Google Tech Talk – 34 Mins

Local Currencies – Replacing Scarcity With Trust
An episode of Peak Moment about local currencies, featuring an interview with Francis Ayley.
LETS Get Free – Aricle Link
Youtube link – 28 min

One of the most popular new open-source 3D printers.
Introduction to 3D Printing – Article link
Youtube Link – Google Tech Talks – 35 Minutes

Mclibel – Two People who wouldn’t Say Sorry
The story of one of the longest and most famous libel cases in British history, where McDonalds tried to silence protesters and failed.
Video Link – Google Video – 85 Minutes

Money as Debt
Documentary about money, debt, and our financial system.
Money And Debt – Article LInk
Google Video Link – 47 Minutes

New Urbanism
A series of videos detailing interesting projects in the world of New Urbanism.
Babelgum link – 13 episodes around 4 minutes each.

The Omnivore’s Next Dilemma
Michael Pollan, author of “The Omnivore’s dilemma” talks about the problems with our food system
Youtube Link – TED Talks – 17 minutes

The Prison Industrial Complex 101
A fascinating look at America’s prison system.
Movie – The Prison Industrial Complex 101 – Article Link
Google Video Link – 51 minutes

Red Lines, Death Vows, Foreclosures, Risk Structures: Roundtable on Mortgage Crisis
A discussion on the issue of racist financial housing policy in the wake of the mortgage meltdown.
Thin Red Lines – Article Link
Video link – MIT Tech TV – 1 hour

Richard Stallman
Speaking to University of San Francisco about software patents.
Gnu World Order – Article LInk
Google Video Link – 1 hour

Waste = Food
A documentary about chemist Michael Braungart and the architect William McDonough, authors of the popular book on green manufacturing, cradle to Cradle.
Waste vs. Food – Article link
Google Video Link – 49 Minutes

Windbelt – Cheap Generator Alternative
Shawn Fayne describes how “windbelts” could revolutionize low-cost, small-scale wind energy in both the first world and Haiti.
Youtube link – Google Tech Talks – 55 Minutes

Workers of the World Relax
Two short movies about the problems with working, brought to you by BC’s Work Less Party

A World Without Water
The frightening tales of how water privatization is crippling poor communities around the world.
Google Video Link – 76 minutes

The Yes Men Fix the World
The story of one of the world’s most innovative and influential activist groups..
Torrent Link (Free, Legal) – 87 mins